3577 - A.L. Breguet, Watchmaker to Kings

ENGEL Thomas

Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur
Membre de l'Académie des Sciences et du Bureau des Longitudes
Horloger de la Marine Royale

Thoughts on Time.
The first section presents a biography i.e. a representation of the life, times and achievements of this great watchmaker and personality. The second section deals, in independent chapters, with the technology and the people who accompanied and determined the life and work of Abraham Louis Breguet. The third part to the volume leads into the philosophy of Time and Space, being so closely connected to horology, explaining, with the help of world famous paintings, their importance in our life.
Numerous illustrations. Rare.
Very nice book in red leather with golden letters & pages.


221 pages

Edition : 1994

Language : english

CHF 350.00